about our place

Our pizza is a sourdough approach to the Neapolitan tradition.
This slow dough approach means the space in our little shop is largely taken up by fermenting dough…at least 3 days worth, usually more.

We wanted to bring Chamonix pizza made with great quality ingredients, which are ethically sourced and often organic.

We found a space to pack everything into, and after months of work trying to fit everything in, like a very long game of Tetris, we got the right fit. It’s a little cramped, but we love it, it’s our little Dainty!



Each day we lovingly prepare our dough with mother yeast, two types of flour, sea salt, water and extra virgin olive oil. We then leave our dainty dough balls to rise gradually for a minimum of 72 hours.
At the end of this process we get a pizza crust that is much easier to digest, and so we can focus our energy on how super yummy it tastes.

Our tomatoes

1) San Marzano
These tomatoes have a deep, sweet flavour thanks to the rich volcanic soil at the base of Mount Vesuvius where they are grown. We don’t do anything to these wonderful handpicked tomatoes, just crush them and let their flavour speak for itself.

2) Yellow Datterini
With a skin that is thicker than most tomatoes, these golden beauties are home to fewer seeds, which means more flesh. Datterini have a high acidity, which ripens into sweet, yellowy, goodness.

Mozzarella fior di latte

There is an entire spectrum of mozzarellas out there in the big wild cheese world, with very different textures and tastes. We like to stick with what the Neapolitans use, high quality fior di latte. To use it at it’s freshest, we have it delivered several times a week straight from neighbouring Italy. It’s the fior di latte’s wonderfully high fat content that means it reacts perfectly when baked in our special oven, leaving white pools of creamy deliciousness for you to savour.


We are very conscious of the impact the meat industry has on our planet, eating meat at every meal is simply not a sustainable diet.
This is why we choose to have a predominantly vegetarian menu with a couple of options using only the best quality organic meats we could find, from farmers who care for their animals and the environment in a way that we’re proud of.

Our pizza


San Marzano, Buffalo Mozzarella, basil oil

The Dainty’s Pepperoni

San Marzano, Pecorino, Fior di latte, 100% beef pepperoni

Purple rain

Fior di latte, Gorgonzola, red cabbage, Kalamata olives

Cacio e Pepe

Fior di latte, Taleggio, Pecorino, homemade Ricotta, black pepper


San Marzano, Fior di latte, Taleggio, Organic beef, pickled red onion, parsley

Lemon squeezy

Fior di latte, homemade Ricotta, courgette, pine nuts, chives, lemon olive oil


Black truffle, roast baby potatoes, Fior di latte, Fontina, parsley

Honey Datterini

Yellow datterini tomatoes, Fior di latte, Taleggio, walnut, thyme, truffle honey

Popeye in Puglia

Fior di latte, Pecorino, spinach, organic beef, chili flakes

Vegan Parmigiana

San Marzano, aubergine, red onion, Kalamata olives, homemade vegan Parmesan



Contact us

Wednesday – Sunday
Eat in or take away – 6pm – 11pm

67 promenade Marie paradis 74400 Chamonix

04 50 96 73 59